About Us

ABELIAN Consulting Services Inc. is a registered company in Barbados incorporated in February 2011 to provide high quality business analytical solutions to both private and public sector companies and institutions across the Caribbean. The company is headed by Ryan Straughn, Managing Director & CEO, who in April 2009, started our predecessor ABELIAN Associates Ltd, a registered company in England & Wales where we provided business services to companies across Europe. Some of our European clients included MasterCard Europe, HSBC and Zurich Financial Services.

Managing Director & CEO: Ryan Straughn
Executive Chairman & Chief Actuary: Jennifer Straughn

Executive Profiles

Ryan Straughn
Managing Director & CEO
Managing Director & CEO

Ryan is the founder and Managing Director/CEO of ABELIAN Consulting Services. He is a former Central Bank of Barbados economist with over 10 years’ experience modelling the macroeconomic business cycle and assessing the stability of the financial system. He spent 4 years at the Central Bank of Barbados modelling the economy of Barbados and has consulted on rebasing the Barbados economy since leaving the institution. Ryan joined the risk management department of Motability Operations (UK) in 2006, as its Asset Risk Analyst, where he conducted extensive risk analytics and economic capital modelling on the company’s portfolio worth £3.7 billion with annual turnover of £2.2 billion. In 2009, he formed our predecessor, ABELIAN Associates in the UK, where he provided consulting services for companies such as MasterCard Europe, HSBC and Zurich.

Ryan has a BSc Economics & Mathematics degree (UWI) with First Class Honours, MSc Econometrics degree (Manchester) and is a trained National Accounts statistician (IMF Institute). He is also a member and a former President of the Barbados Economics Society (2011-2012) and Chairman of the Trade and Economic Policy Committee at the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  
Ryan is also a director of the Waterford Music & Cultural Society, a non-profit organisation that is committed to the development and transformation of music and its practice amongst the youth in Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

He is married to Jennifer and father of Kofi Obama.

Executive Chairman & Chief Actuary

Jennifer is a co-founder of ABELIAN Consulting Services and serves as our Executive Chairman & Chief Actuary.  She currently works at Sagicor Life Inc. (Barbados) as a Pricing Actuary where she manages the development and pricing of new products as well as profit-testing and re-pricing of existing products with a particular emphasis on life insurance.

Prior to this role, she spent 4 years at Legal & General Assurance Society in the UK in both pricing and financial reporting roles.  Within the  Protection Pricing team she undertook experience investigations of mortality, morbidity and lapses as well as product development and pricing.  In Financial Reporting, she worked within the New Business Annuities Reporting team undertaking the monthly hard close reporting.

Jennifer is a former Central Bank of Barbados economist where she focused on the analysis of public finances. 

Jennifer is a Fellow of the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries and also has a BSc Economics & Mathematics degree (UWI) with First Class Honours, MSc Economics for Development (Oxford) and MSc Actuarial Science with Distinction (Heriot-Watt).  She won first prize in the first SCOR Actuarial Prize Competition (UK) for her research entitled "A Model for the Cost of Pooling Schemes for Genetic Information and Critical Illness Insurance". She is also a recipient of grant funding from the Errol and Nita Barrow Educational Trust.
She is married to Ryan and mother of Kofi Obama.