What we do

ABELIAN are a business management and research consultancy established in response to the increased demand for high quality evaluation services as a result of the credit crunch. Our services are highly specialized but are designed to be flexible, fit for purpose and most of all, fully satisfactory to the needs of our clients. The financial crisis has forced companies and consumers alike to re-evaluate their behaviour as well as others in the market and so we provide tangible solutions to the questions you ask.

Our service offering is wide and varied across industries but very target to meet your specific need:

Banking & Credit Unions: we help financial institutions to grow customer relationships and maximize customer experience; detect, prevent and mitigate financial crime risk; and more
Hotels: we help improve retention, increase customer loyalty and promotion response rates; improve pricing strategies to maximize revenue and profits;
Insurance: we help companies respond to changing customer demographics whilst effectively managing all risk, protecting against fraud and improve competitiveness.
Retail: we use customer insight to help retailer forecast demand and optimize pricing strategies
Utilities: we help companies with forecasting demand and use their customer analytics to assist with collections optimization and risk aggregation

flexible solutions for your business needs

Business Analytics
From dynamic visualisation to predictive modelling, model deployment and process optimisation, we use a rande of techniques and processes for the collection, classification, analysis and interoretation of data to reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables and relatinships, leading to new insights andd better answer faster

Business Intelligence
BI enables users to understand the past, monitor the present and predict the future by integrating data from across your enterprise. With the delivery of self-services reporting and analysis, IT spends less  time answering requests and users spend less time looking for information.
Data Analytics, Data Management & Data Mining

We have the ability to combine and analyse huge quantities of data and in turn are able to provide flexible soultions to unque circumstances.
Econometric Modelling
Analyse the impact of promotions and events
Modelling customer choices;
Measure and predict marketing investment opportunities
Economic Capital Modelling

Economic Insights
Macroeconomic forecasting
Currency forecasting
Scenario Analysis
Economic Impact Assessments
Economic Intelligence
Analysis of macroeconomic aggregates
Industry specific trend analysis
Market Research

Operations Research Modelling
We identify the best answer to planning problems by building interactive models to experiement with changes in underlying data
Retail Modelling
Our solution help drive better business results, by increasing forecast accuracy and improving planning with better demand signals
Risk Management
Our risk analytics solutins use rigorous data analysis and statistical modelling to understand , estimate and predict consumer risk and help you make decisions that optimze your business objectives. Solutions include
Credit scoring (application scoring)
Behavioural risk scoring - probabillity of default (PD)
Collections and recovery modelling - loss given default (LGD)
Portfolio loss forecasting - exposure at default (EAD)
Credit risk (retail, corporate, SME)
Market risk
Economic capital modelling
Telecoms Modelling
We help  companies to grow revenue and prevent customer church. Our solutions also help to estimate and improve return on investment
Training Courses & Workshops
Practical Econometrics for Business Professionals
Statistical Modelling using Microsoft Excel and Access
Modelling Credit Risk
Introductor Financial Econometrics
Applied Time Series Forecasting
Utilities Modelling
We help companies with forecasting demand and use their customer analytics to assist with collections optimization and risk aggregation